Friday, July 28, 2006

Posting at Cold Hearted Truth

I have recently been added as a poster on a fourth blog, Cold Hearted Truth (at least on the blog's Senate page, which is a page devoted to tracking current races (not just Senate, also Gubernatorial and Congressional races). I will provide commentary on races that I see polling data for here in Arizona.

Unlike the other blogs that I post on, Cold Hearted Truth is decidedly not a liberal blog. The primary host of the blog is in fact a self-described RINO (a Republican with some libertarian tendencies on social issues). However, to his credit, he has welcomed in a very broad range of commenters, so that on the blog you will see discussions involving people from the far left (including at least one who is to the left of myself) to the far right-- and (this is amazing) very little in the way of put downs or attacks (although occasionally some 'left handed compliments.') That is one reason I've always liked going to CHT-- as much as I enjoy reading liberal blogs, I like having a place to go where I find an array of opinions. And unlike right wing blogs, I don't get attacked the minute I post a comment, although the comment may be attacked (which is perfectly legitimate).

About half of the boards on CHT are about polling of various political races (for example, I just put up a post on the Arizona Governor's race, because there was a poll taken on the GOP primary here (and it's hard to see how Republicans could find the poll results encouraging by the way). In fact, I have to be careful for a number of reasons about discussing Arizona Democrats, although I will certainly post polling results when there are any. And I will post them there, because it is a good site to look for polling results on.

The other half of the boards feature mostly political commentary (as I said earlier, the blog has a distinct lean to the right). Since I'm only posting on the Senate page, my presence there is limited to comments, but anyone can join and comment (all you have to do if you are not a member is hit the 'register' button before you can post-- and you don't even have to give a real email address, it's something CHT added to fight spam.

So go ahead and drop by over there, especially if you want to be challenged thoughtfully by someone who may not agree with you.

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Chuck said...

I looked at that site. I've seen it before in the past, but haven't looked in- in a long time. I'm afraid I've lost the ambition to do the "back & forth" with the repugs after the last election theft. My attitude towards any bush supporter these days is one of utter disgust and I see no sense in getting into a trench opposite theirs.

At this point, imo, no one is changing the other's mind. I consider that the repugs that have "denounced" bush has come to that decision by their own observations and not the words of someone who could see through the LIE in the first place.

Although my entire blog would appear to be doing what I say I can't do any more, it really is a form (that of fragile free speech) of venting publicly and maybe an attempt to reach the uninformed. There's a lot of college kids out there who couldn't even name the vice president if asked (how sad is that?).

All said, I do applaud your determinism.