Thursday, July 13, 2006

Catch either of these guys, do the right thing, and also get $100,000

Police sketch of the 'Baseline rapist' who has killed six.

There are serial killers every now and then, the ones who keep a community on the edge. Sickos who get people, especially women, to start locking their windows at night, looking over their shoulders, and rarely to venture out alone.

Phoenix police however are now baffled by the appearance of two serial killers, apparently both operating in the same area at the same time.

One of them is someone who has shot 34 people over the past year, killing four. All of the victims were either walking or riding bicycles. Apparently at least two different guns were used, and the shooter rarely misses, so they believe that the shooter is a good shot. No one has seen the suspect, so that is about all the police have to go on right now. Based on his pattern, police believe that the suspect may be a west valley resident. He may be driving a light colored Sedan.

The second is the so-called 'Baseline rapist,' who has raped a lot of women, attacking twenty times, and killing six. In fact, today they announced that he has been tied to another homicide several months ago in Tempe, which is odd because the Tempe police claim to have solved that one and have a suspect, who they say confessed, already in jail for that crime. Obviously, either an innocent man is in jail in Tempe facing murder charges, or Phoenix police are so clueless in their pursuit of the Baseline rapist that they are claiming he committed a murder that someone else has already confessed to. The Baseline rapist was named because a number of his crimes occurred along Baseline road, and police believe that he may be a resident of east-central Phoenix.

Police are certain that the two are acting independently and have nothing to do with each other (although one fear is that having them both making headlines at the same time could spur a perverse sort of cross-valley murder contest.)

If you see or know anything about either of these killers, a reward of $100,000 is offered.

The only previous case I know of where two serial killers operated in the same community at the same time is when Ted Bundy and the Green River Killer were operating in Seattle.

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