Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Avatar

I created this avatar tonight. I've been a bit slow on getting one, but it seems that avatars are the latest way of defeating the evil spambots (or at least so says an email I got earlier today from Blue Republic.)

Hard to think of and then create something that indicates 'Deep Thought' but this is good enough.


Lily said...

LOL Oh Eli! I love it! Yes, the avatar issue came up simply because sometimes these spambots use auto-registrations and obviously they do not go to the trouble of finding a picture of a favorite cartoon or rock star! Thats why Dude mentioned it. But we know you aren't a spammer!

Jeff will post his next appearance on Air America Phoenix- maybe some familiar folks can call in and take part in the discussion. I know you would have alot to say about the subjects they get into. (you can also listen to past shows by podcast) While the site is of course not geographically preferential, it just happens that it is a local outlet for the guys. The subjects relate to everyone though not just where the station is. I listen and I am on the East Coast.
Great to see your brain! I always wondered about it...and suspected it was large and intricate. :)

Tom & Icy said...

We like your new avatar, we called them icons. Whatever, hope you don't mind but we made a button link out of it and put it on our sidebar. We like your blog! Lammy says hi.

Eli Blake said...


I'm confused. The last I heard, they had not yet found a new home for AA Phoenix. Do you know differently?

Eli Blake said...

tom and icy:

No problem. To be honest, one reason I've been so slow putting one together has been that it takes me hours to do what most people can probably do in a couple of minutes.

Karen said...

Like it Eli, it is so *YOU*. :)

EAPrez said...

Wayyyyyyyyyyyy too cute! You are very creative - doesn't matter how long it took you - you still beat me - I have no idea what that's for let alone how to make one :)