Monday, May 15, 2006

A complete lack of class

Fans of the San Jose Sharks booed the Canadian national anthem prior to the start of last night's playoff game against the Edmonton Oilers.

While the booing of anthems in both countries occurred on occasion during the early days of the Iraq war (when US-Canadian relations reached their all time low) it has been at least two years since such a display occurred. The incident last night seems to have been a singular example of poor taste.

I've been an outspoken advocate of free speech on this blog, even defending for example the right of the Danish anti-Islamic cartoonists to publish their cartoons and the right of Holocaust denier David Irving to publish his book. And those who chose to boo during the national anthem of another country have the right to do that too. But don't expect me to call them anything other than classless, stupid ignoramuses.


Sar said...

Oh for the love of Pete, just how midget minded must these people be! C'mon on already. They seriously need to step out of the American bubble and look in from the greater world's perspective for a change.

EAPrez said...

Redneck nation. That must have been Bush's 30% - the 30% that's too stupid to know any better.

I heard on the news today that at a subsequent game the Canadians in retalliation gave a rousing ovation to OUR national anthem. Now that's class.