Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Something else to think about.

This weekend, I had my wife (who had previously been to the E.R. twice and had three labs drawn) go back to the E.R., have another blood drawing, then after her blood iron had gone from low (10.8) to lower (9.4) to really low (7.4) during three E.R. visits, be admitted to the hospital to receive five pints of transfusion and have an emergency operation, and next week will check into the hospital in Phoenix will have another emergency operation (which they were not willing to perform at the hospital in Winslow because it does not have an intensive care unit.)

Now, I am glad the docs are being so cautious in their approach, but I am sure that these medical bills will add up to quite a lot. Much, much more, in fact than the tax bill for the average Canadian.


MarkF said...

I hope T is doing better and that its not serious. We'll keep her in our prayers.

Eli Blake said...


Thank you.

EAPrez said...

hope your wife is doing well --- as well as the rest of your family.