Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fair and Baloney

Every now and then, when I think I have enough heartburn medicine on hand, I will tune in to Faux News.

So tonight, they are going on and on about how the rest of the media is 'obsessed' with Dick Cheney's hunting accident, instead of reporting 'real' news.

Just keep in mind though, that this is the network that brought you by far the most coverage of Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson and Natalie Holloway.


Lily said...

Oh, for the love of constructive criticism..

Brandon said...

Actually, there is a bigger issue here. This man is the Second In Command. if anything were to happen to Bush he would become the Commander and Chief. if this is how he behaves under stress we have a real problem.

Eddie81 said...

In typical partisan fashion, you are attempting to make a deal out of nothing. It was an unfortunate accident. That's it. The media does not have a right to all information. Nor do they have a right to information on their timetable. Cheney is an excellent VP.

EAPrez said...

We don't know that it was an unfortunate accident because he didn't speak to the authorities until 18 hours later. I believe alcohol was a factor which means it was not an unfortunate accident. But we;ll never know because they spent 18 hours getting their weapons of mass destruction story...errrr accidental shooting story straight. A VP shooting someone in the face is news just like the president getting a blow job in the oval office is news. The VP is not a private citizen and he has no right to privacy in this matter or any other matter. A private citizen would not have been able to delay talking to the police until the next day. Where there's smoke there's usually a fire and his actions around this incident only increased curiosity factor. Excellent VP? What excellent thing has he done on your planet?