Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't put your faith in Bush, my boy.

A couple of days ago, I blogged on the possibility that George W. Bush might make the right call and call for a withdrawal (with whatever cover he needed) of our troops from Iraq.

Obviously, that optimism was misplaced. Many people in the rest of the GOP might see the need to do that, and even some who have held senior positions in his own White House (I named one last night) but, while his speech did discuss a sudden 'improvement' in the Iraqi forces (which the Slate article I linked to predicted would happen) he said nothing that indicates that we will be out of Iraq any time soon.

I guess we can only hope that the American people have the good sense to elect a Congress that will attach some conditions to any more money they vote for the war, and one of those conditions being a withdrawal plan.

I have come to the conclusion that sitting around and waiting for George W. Bush to make the right call on Iraq is like waiting for the devil to announce that hell is full and is now closed to any new souls.


Barbi said...

I liked the ending lines of this article, Eli! :-) The chances of GduhB EVER doing the right thing are about as good as my chances of being young and tall. *giggle* Don't see it happening.

dorsano said...

I'm not sure it's possible for the president to get out from under his rhetoric. It also gives GOP senators and congressmen and women plently of room to put some daylight between themselves and the administration.

The sad thing is, the day the last U.S. soldier leaves Iraq is the day the roadside bombings will stop -

starting that day, anyone trying to disrupt the process will have only Iraqis to kill - and that won't go over very well with anyone.

dorsano said...

Stay the course Mr. President - and piss away the only good that that your invasion and propagada had to offer.

Girl on the Blog said...

I now believe when Bush does the right thing... Hell will finally have frozen over... I do not think it is possible...