Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Allan Affeldt IS Mayor of Winslow, Arizona.

It's been a great night for Democrats and progressives across the country. Last Tuesday, as I blogged on that night, Colorado voters got rid of TABOR. That was only the first event in a pretty good week.

Of course, you all know about the wins by Democrats in New Jersey (expected) and Virginia (where just a couple of months ago, the Republican, Kilgore had a significant lead, and this weekend the polls showed the Democrat, Tim Kaine up by maybe a point or two). Then President Bush bumbled into Virginia last night to campaign for Kilgore, which convinced last minute undecideds to break towards Kaine. Polls are polls but this one proved that Bush's approval numbers really are bad news (and Virginia is a state he actually won last year).

In New York, Republican mayor Michael Bloomberg provided the only bright spot of night for the GOP, but his 56-41% victory over Freddie Ferrer, who he outspent 8-1, was less than impressive considering he was up by 30 points in recent polls.

Meanwhile, we got some great news here in Arizona. Last month I blogged on Allan Affeldt for mayor of Winslow. Well, the voters in Winslow (where I don't live but work in every day) agreed with me on that and elected Allan in a recall election to fill the rest of the term of Jim Boles. Mayor Boles had eleven years, and on December 1, it will be Allan's turn to lead the city forward.

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