Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I don't usually plug candidates I can't vote for but these are extraordinary times

By now the use of dozens of NY riot police to break up a rally while Cindy Sheehan was speaking is all over the web (although 'oddly' missing from telecasts of the conservative mainstream media)you can read what Chuck has to say for a synopsis.

I would like to suggest that this is also somewhat rooted in New York politics. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican who was elected to succeed Rudy Giuliani in the wake of 9/11, is now facing a united opposition since Fernando Ferrer won the Democratic primary last week. Despite changing his positions toward the left in advance of the election, the mayor had a problem. With Ferrer getting all the press, Mayor Bloomberg had to do something dramatic to reclaim the stage. The anti-war rally was just the opportunity for him to do that.

Now I haven't posted as much as I would like on the nascent but growing anti-war movement (which is bigger than just Cindy Sheehan, although it organized around her and the President could have bought himself some time if he'd given her half an hour and sent her home happy last month, but it's too late for him on that).

However, this outrage has caused me to think that it may be a good idea for progressives who live outside of New York (and I generally don't get involved in political races outside my local area) to come together in support of Mr. Ferrer's 'Freddy and Goliath' campaign to oust the mayor. If you want to get involved go here. Also keep in mind that IF you live in NY City, then any contributions you make will be matched 6-1 by the NYC Campaign Finance Board, up to two hundred and fifty dollars.


Chuck said...

It makes perfect sense to me, Eli.

Good idea for the New Yorkers.

shrimplate said...

Though we lived in Phoenix at that time, we contributed to Clinton's senatorial campaign in New York.

Is this some kind of untapped citizen power? What if all concerned citizens supported, as per their financial situations allow, progressive candidates no matter what state they are in?

We have also contibuted to the Bernie Sanders and Paul Wellstone campaigns in the past.

I just wish I had more to give. And I wish Wellstone had taken a bus.

travisprehiem9960 said...
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