Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And just think, House Republicans elected Tom DeLay as their LEADER!!

The problem with blogging, as I did yesterday, about the widespread corruption among Republican leaders is that news comes in too much and too fast, to prevent such a post from quickly becoming dated.

Last night, a new report on Frist surfaced, so I dutifully updated the blog post.

So then today, it turns out that DeLay, who I said yesterday is still being investigated, was indicted by the same grand jury that had previously indicted several of his associates. DeLay has stepped aside 'temporarily' from his Republican leader's job.

Of course, DeLay, whose past shows that he is always ready to respond to any criticism or negative news with personal attacks, was quick to denounce Prosecutor Richard Earle as a 'partisan.' Never mind that fact that DeLay is being investigated by the house ethics committee as well, and that all of the stuff he is being indicted on has already been unearthed and appeared in the press, or the fact that state government in Texas is under complete control of Republicans, or the fact that the grand jury, presumably composed of adult men and women only issues indictments when they see there is some evidence to warrant it. No, according to Tom, none of that is relevant, and it is all Earle's fault, a 'partisan witch-hunt.'

I remember once being at a lunch where DeLay spoke (at a conference on healthcare organized by conservatives and where I was pretty much the only liberal in the room) and I can tell you, having listened to the man personally, he sees everything in black and white. If you believe Tom, he is being persecuted by the evil Democrats (and since Earle is about the only one left in Texas, he has to be the one persecuting DeLay).

I think I will have to get on to a different subject besides GOP corruption, because otherwise I will have to update it some more by tomorrow.


Taylor Kirk said...

This farking guy redrew the borders in my hometown district to just BARELY cut out my Congressman's house, so he couldn't run in the same area unless he moved. What a #$%^!

Chuck said...

Delay, Frist and next Abramoff. It's about time these right wing criminals are getting the full (and deserved) treatment!

Eli Blake said...


I take it then that you were a victim of 'DeLaymandering?'

The sad thing is, even if DeLay goes to jail, the people of Texas and the nation will have to live with his new map for the next three election cycles.

Karen said...

There was a time when the taint of corruption was all that was needed to get a person fired. The essence of shadiness was morally reprehensible in and of itself, regardless of "technical legality" (and I seriously doubt Earle would indict a man of DeLay's power without slam-dunk evidence). Now the Admin won't fire Rove unless he's CONVICTED? Ditto with DeLay! Yeah, so much for the party of morals and values.

dorsano said...

Here's a great (bi-partisan) corruption link courtesy of Blue Girl

Beyond Delay

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) is a fifth-term Member of Congress, representing the 7th district of Missouri. In 1999, two years after taking office, Rep. Blunt was handpicked by then-Whip DeLay to serve as Chief Deputy Whip, and Rep. Blunt assumed the role of Whip in 2003, when DeLay became the Majority Leader. Rep. Blunt’s ethics issues stem from his misuse of his position for the benefit of his family.