Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No punting pit bulls in Pittsburgh.

I'm not exactly a supporter of PETA. I eat meat and I have no problem with hunting, circuses or the use of animals in medical research.

However, there are cases where just wanton cruelty demands a response. Michael Vick (who I wrote about at the time) was such an example, and so is this case of a deranged Steelers fan.

Apparently William Woodson of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, was so outraged that his girlfriend's 13 week old pit bull puppy wouldn't behave during the Steelers game that he kicked the dog to death, reportedly punting it down the street.

If Woodson is such a big Steelers fan, how about he gets to participate in their next practice? Without pads, and maybe dressed in a Cincinnati Bengals uniform.


Jamie LaJolla said...

Great idea for punishment: Getting thumped by the Steelers' offensive line.

I wonder if a judge would consider it as a sentence.

shrimplate said...

No mouth guard, either.

Cruelty to animals is sometimes a sign of psychopathology. It's probably safe to assume that this guy is real trouble.

Eli Blake said...


Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy got started with animals.

Jack Hampton said...

I'm not sure it's pit bulls that are the big problem.

It's the kind of people who buy pit bulls.

Eli Blake said...


Not everyone who owns pit bulls is like this guy, but I know what you mean, while some people who aren't violent own pit bulls, and some people who are violent don't own pit bulls, there does seem to be a correlation between violent people and pit bull ownership.