Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fundamentalist church to burn 'perverted' books, including Bibles, books by Billy Graham

A book burning.

In Berlin, 1935?

No, in North Carolina for this upcoming Halloween.

No, folks, I'm not making this up.

What books are they burning anyway?

Bibles. That's right, for starters they are burning Bibles, at least Bibles that are not King James Bibles. They are so fundamentalist that they will not accept a Bible that is not a King James Version or based on a similar translation. According to the Amazing Grace Baptist Church leaders, such a Bible is a 'perversion of God's word' and deserves to be burned.

They aren't limiting what they are burning to non-King James Bibles of course. They are also burning books by 'heretics.' They list a long list of 'heretics' on their website, including Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, James Dobson, the Pope and Mother Theresa.

Also all kinds of music, including contemporary Christian and gospel music.

Now, That's fundamentalist. I'm sure that they'd be happy to burn just about any book I own (I do own a King James Bible, but since it was published in Salt Lake City by the Mormon church, I'm sure it would be an instant decision to burn it if I brought it to their Halloween party.)

Oh, and they are having Barbeque chicken afterward. Probably with a side of Oral Roasted.


Jack Hampton said...

It's easy to laugh at these ignoramuses, especially when they don't even think James Dobson is fundamentalist enough.

But this is the same kind of culture that gives rise to people like Eric Robert Rudolf and John Roeder.

They're funny until they walk into someplace like an abortion clinic with an assault rifle and start shooting. Then they're not very funny anymore, they're terrifying.

Eli Blake said...

Good point.

They're dangerous clowns.

sandyh said...

The Far Right is feeling very insecure. It's not a good sign.