Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm lookin' over, a four leaf Grover

OK, what do these pictures have in common?

The first picture is of Grover Norquist, a Washington D.C. political godfather who has 38 Arizona legislators wrapped around his little finger.

The second picture is Grover the little blue monster from Sesame Street.

Some ways to tell them apart:

Grover #1 is a member of the Republican Party. Grover #2 has a birthday party every year.

Grover # 1 wants to shrink the government to the size where he can drown it in the bathtub. Grover #2 likes to sing in the bathtub.

Grover #1 wants to cut taxes. Grover #2 wants to cut the cake.

Grover #1 owns more than a third of the Arizona state legislature. Grover #2 owns good friends and a song in his heart.

Grover #1 threatens to retaliate against anyone who votes to raise taxes.
Grover #2 is partly funded by taxes.

Grover #1 is afraid the big, bad government will take away his money.
Grover #2 is afraid the cookie monster will take away his cookies.

OK, can you tell which Grover is which now?


cpmaz said...

Grover #2 is a puppet.

Grover #1 is a puppeteer.

Eli Blake said...

Good observation.