Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Could Sanford affair be a cover for a more sinister rendevous?

It didn't take long for people to begin questioning whether South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was telling the truth when he told his staff he was going hiking for a few days on the Appalachian trail (including father's day when he didn't even bother to call home.) The obvious question to ask was whether he was having an affair.

If he was using the hiking story as a cover for an affair, and thinking that no one would ask why as a state governor and (at least until this week) likely 2012 Presidential candidate he was completely out of touch for almost a week then the guy is too stupid to be President. Even Eliot Spitzer was smart enough to fit in a trip to Washington at night and be back in the office the next morning (though that still wasn't smart enough.)

Unless of course that the truth is even more sinister than that, and the affair itself is a cover.

Why go all the way to Buenos Aires for an affair? If he wanted to have one he could surely have found someplace closer. But alone and unknown in a foreign capital he could meet foreign agents a lot easier. Governors get regular Homeland Security briefings and other intelligence data and it goes without saying that some of the information is stuff we don't share with a lot of foreign governments or organizations, especially those who may be hostile to the U.S.

Maybe he is smarter than we think, and having an affair would explain perfectly why he would go to Buenos Aires without telling anyone just in case his first cover story got blown, without divulging the real reason. In fact, for that matter, the woman could just be a 'throw in' if someone was wanting to use a state governor and possible President to get something 'done' within the U.S. (better keep an eye on his bank account.)

And even if he was meeting a woman, how do we know she wasn't a Chinese, Iranian or al-Qaeda agent? Possibly even without his knowlege, she may have been pumping him for information even as he was pumping something else.

This question needs to be definitively answered: Who is EVERYBODY he met down there, and who do they work for.


sandyh said...

Perhaps the NSA needs to read the rest of his e-mails...if they can stomach the thought? I'm not sure if Sanford was any where near the best choice for the Chinese if this was their pick for Manchurian candidate in 2012.

When are the real brains of the operation, the wives of these conservative idiots, going to just push their own political ambitions instead of propping up these Ken dolls?

I guess I'm forgetting that the world was a far different place for women candidates even 15 years ago. Hillary finally got out from under the yoke of Bill and his posse.

I was listening to Kaye Bailey Hutchinson the other day being interviewed. She's so much sharper and credible than Palin yet look at the way the GOP treated her. I'm counting on their continued sexism to drag them down for at least another decade.

Ralph Reed has started a new PAC to promote minority and women candidates (clones and androids) for the Christian mafia. They won't find any with the stature of Hutchinson because these intelligent women had enough of these Ensign/Sanford conservative white males making fools of them.

I'm a progressive but I have a lot of respect for those that have worked hard in the trenches on either side of the aisle only to be overlooked by the male power structure in both parties.

Perhaps times and these scandals are changing things.

Eli Blake said...

Keep in mind, Sandy:

Hillary would have been the nominee if she hadn't screwed up on Iraq,

Nancy Pelosi is the speaker

And after the 2006 election there were an equal number of male Democrats and male Republicans in the house of representatives, but Democrats' 51-21 edge among female members of the house was the difference.

However, I'd just as soon see the GOP continue with their incompetent ways because then we have less conservatism.

sandyh said...


Yes, we have come a long way in the Democratic Party that is for certain.

But look at how hard the Republicans are slamming Pelosi...not because of her politics but because she is a woman who to them is a much easier target.

Conservative men are their own worst enemies when it comes to just their ideology. But I'm beginning to think they are now alienating their best and only allies...conservative women.

It's so sad, Uncle Albert. Not.

Jack Hampton said...

A conservative view of the world:

"We don't need no votes from 'colored' folks, anyway."

"We don't need votes from all them young folks, that are too inexperienced to know anything."

"We don't need no votes from Latinos. They can all go back across the border."

"We don't need no votes from women. We should repeal the twentieth amendment."

They must remember with affection the good ol' days when only white male property owners over age 35 were allowed to vote.