Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still doesn't get it

House Minority Leader John Boehner said yesterday that Washington politicians should listen to the 'American people,' who are saying they don't want any more big spending government programs.

Well, he's half right. Washington politicians should listen to the "American people."

But if they were saying they didn't want any big program to get out of the situation we are in now, I'd only point out that the voice of the 'American people' has been made clear.

If the 'American people' really wanted the low tax, small market conservatism espoused by Boehner and others on the right, they could have had it. But they sent a different message instead-- the message they sent in 2006, and look ready to send again, this fall.

If Boehner was right about what the 'American people' wanted to hear, he'd still be majority leader.


Ray said...

That's the problem with Republicans.

They haven't changed their rhetoric since Reagan.

In 1980, it was fresh and new. In 2008, a lot of people voting their first time weren't even alive when Reagan was President, and they find that rhetoric to be old and stale.

shrimplate said...

Ideological rhetoric trumps facts.

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

I think Americans do want low taxes. Didn't Obama promise bigger tax cuts than McCain for 95% of American workers? We also want government assistance that benefits us, not big business.

But you are right about Boehner being an idiot. He's been a political disaster for the House Republicans. I still can't think of a reason for re-electing him as minority leader.