Saturday, September 13, 2008

John McCain would rather throw kids to pedophiles than lose an election

John McCain was confronted during an interview last night on "The View" by host Joy Behar.

She specifically mentioned an ad the McCain campaign has put out (including the legally mandated caption, "I'm John McCain and I approved this message") which accuses Barack Obama of supporting comprehensive sex education children starting in kindergarten.

The truth is that Obama as a state legislature sponsored a bill that mandated teaching kindergarten students to recognize what is inappropriate touching by adults and who they can report it to.

Behar pointed to that ad specifically and said that what McCain had said he stood by (calling this 'comprehensive sex education for kindergarten students') 'are lies.' She asked if he still stood by them.

McCain's response?

"They are not lies."

OK. So this guy claims that calling a program to educate children about child molesters is the same thing as 'comprehensive sex education' for kindergartners.

What is worse, the McCain campaign came out with a statement trying to justify the ad suggesting that this kind of stuff should be taught at home (apparently still using their stock answer for 'sex education' to discuss teaching about pedophiles.) Taking education for kindergartners about pedophiles out of the schools is very dangerous since most child molestation does happen at home, and obviously pedophiles who have children in the home would be the last ones to teach them that there is anything wrong with it, or who they could talk to about it.

This ad, and this ad alone (and McCain's refusal when confronted with the facts to repudiate it) should be enough to disqualify John McCain from any serious consideration for the Presidency.


Sheri S said...

Give me a break! Way to twist things to support your viewpoint. All he is saying is that Kindergarten is too young to get into that indepth of an anatomy lesson lest we see more witchhunts like the ones in the 80's where daycare workers were accused of abuse and satanism. They are just to young. If this is happening at home I hope teachers are able to spot the other signs of abuse and report to the authorities. I have to agree with him.

Eli Blake said...

The bill he sponsored was not to teach anatomy in depth. It was to explain 'good touch, bad touch.'

If kindergarten is too young then when isn't too young? I guess until then Uncle Lester gets a free ride, huh?

As far as daycare is concerned there are reasons why daycare workers have to be certified (they and their facilities.) People have figured out how to strike a balance since the 1980s-- there are plenty of states in which 'good touch, bad touch' is part of the school curriculum and you don't see a spate of false accusations, do you? My experience is that when an elementary school teacher or daycare worker is accused of something like this they suspend them with pay and collect evidence to make darn sure they get it right before taking any action.