Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Response to several emails

I've received several requests to post the letter I had published in the print edition of the USA Today last week since it is apparently not available online.

The letter was in response to an article they had the week before on the last four living American veterans of World War I (also dubbed 'the war to end all wars.')

The letter read as follows:

Your feature on the last remaining World War I vets was as riveting as it was poignant. Truly this 'war to end all wars' has been forgotten, and those who are today remembered only in Flanders Fields have been forgotten along with it.

Also forgotten is the lesson that the world should have learned. As horrible as World War I was, it did not end war. The idea that the way to prevent future wars is by fighting a war now was as much a myth then as it is today.

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