Saturday, March 03, 2007

Open mouth, insert foot.

Today after visiting the town of Americus, Georgia to look at tornado damage, President Bush, apparently not willing to commit Federal assistance to the project, suggested that Habitat for Humanity could visit the town and repair some of the damage (of course repairing existing structures is not something that Habitat for Humanity does, for among other reasons that working on existing but damaged structures require engineering expertise that the volunteer organization does not have).

The mayor of Americus had to tell him that the organization is headquartered in Americus.


Indy Voter said...

Heh heh.

I haven't seen any independent confirmation of this story, however, and you didn't provide a link. Could you, or one of your readers, provide a link?


Lammy said...

The real link is between Cheney and his puppet, Bush.

Eli Blake said...

Indy: I posted it immediately after hearing it on the CNN newscast Saturday night.