Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Will John McCain face a recall?

I've gotten a number of interesting posts in my mailbox from a discussion on Arizona blog net. It seems that a few people are punting around an idea to push a recall petition against John McCain because of his stance on the Iraq war.

One argument that has come up has to do with its legality. Because the Senate is a Federal, not a state office it may be that such a recall, even if successful would not cause his removal from office.

I also doubt that this will get very far. The number of signatures needed-- over 380,000-- is way too high a number to collect, especially since we will sooner or later have to be worrying about signatures just to get our candidates on the ballot for 2008. McCain is also still somewhat popular (among people who don't know him), and he did win re-election to the Senate in 2004 with over 70% of the vote.

Nevertheless it is interesting that this is even being bandied about. Just the fact that it is shows how angry people are over the Iraq war, and McCain's stubborn refusal to acknowlege the obvious.


Karen said...

Happy VD, Eli!

EAPrez said...

What did people think they were getting when they re elected him? He's always been for a troop increase. If anyone should be recalled it should be Leiberman!

Eli Blake said...


You mean because he's consistently been wrong, we shouldn't care?

That's like saying that because George W. Bush has always been pro-war, we shouldn't care.

Anonymous said...

Dear eaprez:
Whatever your views are. Please don't use an upside down US flag for your Logo. It's offensive.
Thank you.

eaprez said...

George Bush has been consistently wrong but you don't advocate impeachment. My only point is John McCain is the same today as he was before the election - why didn't they vote him out when they had the chance to?

As far as anonymously being offended by an upside flag - get over it. Its a legitimate sign of distress per flag etiquette - our country IS in DEEP distress. If you don't see that then you haven't been paying attention .